In 2018, Coal Creek Research, Inc. (CCR) created and began development of the Colorado Projectile Point Database, a database of high-resolution scanned images of projectile points from both curated sites and private collections throughout the State of Colorado, U.S.A. The scanned images and their accompanying information are freely accessible to researchers. Several thousand projectile point images are currently available in the database, which is regularly updated as additional collections are scanned.

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: For more information about the Colorado Projectile Point Database and how an individual can have their private collection included in this database (collector name remains anonymous), see the CCR Databases web page.

🚩  The database currently contains 11,031
projectile points.

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👓  Everyone is welcome to view thumbnail images of the projectile points in the database, shown above.

📈  Everyone is welcome to conduct research and analysis on the projectile points — published papers must cite this website (see the Resources web page).

📝  The Resources web page provides instructions and documentation on how to use the Search capability of this website.

📋  Register to have download access to full-sized, high-resolution scans (800 dpi) and detailed information about each projectile point.


Our thanks go to all the collectors that have been willing to let us record their collections for this database.

Special thanks to Craig Banister, whose expertise and hours of work made this website and the online database a reality.