We would like to thank the following volunteers, museums, and repositories that have contributed to the Colorado Projectile Point Database project.

Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) chapters for their many hours scanning and recording projectile points:

Grand Junction Chapter

  • Phil Born
  • Lee and Dave Cassin
  • Clint Driscoll
  • Curtis Martin
  • Karen McQuirk
  • Geoff Peterson
  • Lorna Reed
  • Patrick Schniederjan
  • Sonny Shelton

Montrose Chapter

  • Nick Ard
  • Hartley Bloomfield
  • Annette Butts
  • Susan Dougherty
  • Dan Elsner
  • Bill Harris
  • Teri Hauser

Denver Chapter

  • Craig Banister
  • Deb Bollig
  • Jack Warner

Boulder Chapter

  • Gretchen Acharya
  • Cheryl Damon
  • Rosi Dennett
  • Kris Holien
  • Todd Marshall

Fort Collins Chapter

  • Janet and Jeff Pancoast

Anthropology/Archaeology students/graduate students:

Museums/Repositories for giving us access to their collections from Colorado: