The following is a list of reports, published and unpublished, that provide analysis of projectile points found in Colorado.

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📊  Uncompahgre Plateau Projectile Point Typology — (2021) Coal Creek Research, Inc.

The Uncompahgre Plateau has been utilized by humans for at least the last 10,000 years, based on dates from excavated sites in the region. Our investigation currently utilizes over 1500 projectile points from excavated sites and private collectors to define styles that occur on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

📊  An Investigation of Contracting Stem Projectile Points in West-Central Colorado — (2021) Coal Creek Research, Inc.

The purpose of this study is to compare contracting stem projectile points found in west-central Colorado with contracting stem points from the Great Basin by using a cluster analysis approach. Two hundred fifty-two contracting stem projectile points from west-central Colorado are compared with 54 points from three sites in Nevada.

📊  Investigation of Contracting Stem Points from the Great Basin and West Central Colorado — (2023) Coal Creek Research, Inc.

A geometric morphometric (GMM) study of 332 contracting stem points was carried out using 75 points from four sites in Nevada, 35 points from eleven sites in Utah, and 222 points from west central Colorado.

📊  Using “Knowledge of the Crowd” to Inform Subjective and Objective Projectile Point Clustering — (2021) Coal Creek Research, Inc.

Thirty-four volunteers sorted images of 259 projectile points into groups based on their own subjective preferences. Twenty objective parameters consisting of both metrics and proportions were also used to describe the projectile points.